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The beaches of Alonnisos

The variety of beaches of Alonissos is Terrassa and can satisfy all tastes. Alonissos can be obtained from sandy beaches to secluded that you can access only by sea and pebble beaches by beaches of golden sand.

The largest and most organized beaches located on the south side of the island side, where the pleiopsifeia them are accessible by road and is organized with tavernas, sunbeds and umbrellas.

For those who love the sand, we recommend the Golden Apple Tree with Georgie seashore, and Milia are also inflatable toys and children will find.
Kokkinokastro with Saint Demetrios is the most famous and photographed.
The Lefto glass with Grand Mourtia be more famous for good food you get there, while the Draft Small Mourtia as of course all the beaches on the north side to be suitable for quiet and secluded situations as there are no taverns, excursion and generally crowded.


Great Mourtias : The Great Mourtias is one of the most popular beaches. The It is an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, while in the grove behind the beach there are tavernas, where you can enjoy fresh fish.

The beach is covered with pebbles, while in the marine is fine sand, making it ideal for our little friends.


Small Mourtias : Unlike the big "brother", the little Mourtias is a quiet beach, where mourtias-mikrosyou can go by car via a dirt road. It is a small beach with pebbles and sand. Around the beach there are cliffs, and behind the beach, there is a forest, where you can find shade.

The last year has become a nudist beach.


Vithisma: ΤThe Vithisma is just before the beach of Grand Mourtias. It is one of the quietest beaches on the island and is a beach, a rare omarfia after the pine forest that leads to the beach in harmony with the black pebble beach. There is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, so visitors should have the foresight to have him own umbrellas.


Rusum Gialos : It is a very popular beach, which lies between Patitiri and Votsi. rousoum-gyalosAround the beach there are tavernas and cafes, while there is also a small jetty, which can bind those who have, their boat and enjoy the swim at the beach.



Milia :   Milia: Milia beach near Patitiri, while access is via paved asphalt. στρωμένουmilia

Milia is a pebbly beach and the sea is fine sand. Behind the beach, pine forest, which reaches the edge of the beach. The blue and crystal clear waters make it ideal for lovers of the sea.



Chrissi Milia : The Golden Milia beach is the most popular beaches. The fine sand milia-xrisibeach and the sea, and the fact that the sea is very shallow, making it particularly popular for families, as they give the opportunity for young children to swim and play on the beach safely.

The road to the beach is paved throughout its path, while the pine forest behind the beach there is a tavern.


Lefto Yiallos: The beach Lefoty glass is a peaceful location where the trees actually "dive" into the sea. lefto-gialosThe whole way up the beach is asfalostromeni, and there is parking space to park your car.

The beach with white pebbles, and is an organized beach with umbrellas, and beach front there are restaurants and cafes to dine and enjoy your coffee overlooking the sea.



Agios Dimitrios : This beach is probably the most impressive and most beautiful beach. agios-dimitriosThe morphology of this beach gives the impression that the beach episketpi "tears" in both sea water. Externally there is a thick white pebbles, while inside there is a small pebbles.

Another feature of this beach is the lake behind the beach. The lake, which generated a response in winter rainwater and dry summer, a wetland habitat for migratory birds.


Kokkinokastro : A very impressive beach, which you should visit anyway. Thekokkinokastro red color of the rocks lying around the beach, creating a synthesis of amazing beauty. It is no coincidence that in 2008 this beach was included in the most beautiful beaches of Greece by the magazine GEO, which is distributed with the newspaper "Eleftherotypia".

The beach is organized with sun beds and umbrellas, and there is beach bar, coffee and cold sandwiches. There is also the possibility of renting canoes for exploring the beach. People who visit this beach should not miss the sunset, as the Red Rocks gets a magical color.

Yialla & Vrisitsa :  These, quiet beaches located on the gyalianorth side of the island. Generally the beaches on the north side of the island more easily catch the wind, γεγονός making them not so "friendly" for swimming. But if you hit a lull, "transformed" into wonderful beaches with clear blue waters.


vrysitsaBoth beaches have fine black pebbles, while in the sea have stones. The glasses, the sea is cooler than all the other beaches because of the fresh water springs from the sea.


Tsoukalia: Tsoukalia: The Tsoukalia (or "Tskalia" in local dialect) is the largest beach on the north side tsoukaliaof the island. To navigate to the beach going through an amazing journey through the lush pine forest on the island. Behind the beach there is a large space where you can park your car.

The beach has fine and coarse pebbles, both outside and inside the sea. The best time to visit the beach is the afternoon, so together with your dive in the turquoise waters, enjoy the sunset. A unique experience not to be missed.



Rusum Gialos


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