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The Alonissos deserted islands

Alonissos is surrounded by several deserted islands, most of them belong to the National Marine Park of Alonissos-Northern Sporades (NMPANS).

The deserted islands are  the Peristera, Kyra-Panagia, Gioura, Skatzoura, Piperi, Psathoura and the Dyo Aderfia.


Peristera: Peristera is the deserted island that is closest to Alonissos. It is located alongside the east coast of Alonissos and it has extend 16 square kilometres. Despite her small size it has a satisfactory number of appreciable beaches as the coves: Kokkalias, Kefali, Peristeri, Koynoypaw, Libadakia, Kalamakia, Vasiliko, Tarsanades, Ksilo and Spasmeni.

The island is uninhabited, although there are two shepherds settlements located in positions Mnimata and Livadakia. Peristera belogns to Zone B of Alonissos Park, which means that there are no special rules of protection.


Dyo Aderfia : This islander cluster is constituted by two islets and is located south of Alonissos, approximately 6 miles from the port of Patitiri, and they are separated from each other with a narrow band of sea. The bottom of the sea displays a great variety, and for this reason the diving schools of Alonissos use the region for training dives. The islander cluser belongs to the Zone B of the National Park, like Peristera.


Kyra Panagia : With extent 25 square kilometers, Kyra Panagia is biggest in extent desert island. It was the ancient Alonissos, now belongs to the monastery of Agia Lavra on Mount Athos.

The name has been taken from the homonym monastery located on the south-eastern side of island and was built in 1100 AD.

The island has two natural coves, the “Agios Petros” to the west and “Planitis” to the east. The cove of “Planitis” is one of the world's largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean.


Gioura: Gioura has extent 11 square kilometres, while the coasts are abrupt and rocky. Because of its coastline, but also and its interior, ths island is known as ths “Devil’s island”. In the island exists a rare type of ibex, with the scientific name “Capra aegagrus f. hircus”. Because of the existence of this rare species, the winter there are guards on the island to check hunters that go to hunt. On the island there is the famous cave of the Cyclops, in which is called tha the Cyclops Polifymos lived, the Cyclops that was blinded by Odysseus. The cave is closed to the public after an accident. It should be a small reference to the beach of Pnigmenos, beach of unique beauty. The beach is white sand, white marble pebbles. On the beach there is a cave with a natural shade throughout the day, while from the sources spurts water.


Psathoura :Psathoura is the northest of the desert islands with extent of only two square kilometers. From far away stands the Lighthouse Psathoura, with 25 meter height, which emits constant light of 18 naval miles. Psathoura is a volcano which was active in the ancient years. In the passede century divers hada reported that in small depth ruins of an ancient city exists, while based on the book of K. Mavritis, Psathoura is claimed to be the ancient Xrisi.


Piperi:  The island of Piperi and the wider marine area around it are essentially the center of the Marine Park of Alonissos. The island has a size of 7 square kilometers and is very inaccessible, since there is not a protected cove for the boats. Piperi is the center of the protection of the seal monachus-monachus. For this reason it is forbidden to approach the island closer than 3 naval miles. The reason again is to enrich the region with fishes and to protect the seals from human presence


Skatzoura: The island has extent of 7.7 square kilometers, and this belongs also to monastery of Agia Lavra on Mount Athos, like the island Kyra Panagia. There is no sheltered bay to moor the little boats.

The island is rich in reserves of marble. But after the establishment of the National Park, the further exploitation of the mineral wealth of the island is strictly prohibited.

In front of the Skatzoura are some smaller islets (Kasidi, Lahanou,Strogillo, Polemika, Praso, Skantilli, Korakas), in which cormorants, duikers and various types of gulls find accommodations at the time of their breeding, in order to brood their egg.For this reason Skatzoura belong to Zone A of the National Park, although there are at a relatively far distance from other islands of Zone A.


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